As a magazine that is run by 5 Black Women, we wanted to make it clear that BlackbELONg stands by the #blacklivesmatter Movement 100%. We are the movement and we support it through and through! For centuries our people have been tormented, discredited, terrorized and made as targets for simply waking up everyday and living in our truths. We don’t deserve the hand we have been dealt and that is why this movement is so powerful and important. People are standing up for those that were made to lay down due to the unjust treatment of the system and the people who are supposed to protect us! Who do we call when our “protectors” have failed us? And they failed us long ago. Keep standing up, sitting down, kneeling etc. to be heard! Don't let anyone tell you it isn’t working because it is! 


As an attempt to do what we can, blackbELONg would love nothing more than to feature and highlight not only more Black owned businesses but protestors that have participated in protest and those that have supported the movement in other ways! Email anything you would like featured on the website to


Anaya Jones

Lindsay Gray

Keiarra Bray 

Alicia Clanton 

June, 9 2020

Register to Vote!

Voting is a right that our ancestors have fought for so long to get. It is the only way in this country to have a say in the issues that matter to you and to have your voice heard by those who are in power. The 2016 presidential election had the lowest black voter turnout in 20 years. If you stay silent in not just presidential, but state and local elections, the officials who are elected may be ones who don't stand for the same issues you feel are important. 

Michelle Obama is a strong advocate for voting and she wants to make sure that everyone 18 and older are registered and ready to vote. And blackbELONg wants to ensure the same.


If you have not yet registered to vote, click Michelle Obama's "When We All Vote" link below to take the first step in practicing your right to vote.

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