Your Experiences

It can definitely be a bit awkward as a black person in a PWI. Sometimes I get hyper aware that I’m the only black person in a class or in a space on campus, which can be uncomfortable. Especially when I’m the only black person on my floor. There are many days where I doubt my abilities and think that I only got my scholarships because they needed some color in the program. It can be rough by yourself because my white peers can’t understand my feelings. Even though we have the CREDE, I feel like some spaces aren’t meant for me. It’s so out of the way, which makes it hard to get there. I’m making more of an effort this semester because I’ve felt better whenever I do go to the CREDE or a BSU meeting.

Let me start by saying I love my PWI, but I would be ignorant to say that some of the things, the culture, the people are not acceptable. My experiences here have varied from good to I should have stayed home. That’s why I’m glad this magazine has been put into place because we need a place to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.

If one more person says “oooo you changed your hairrrr” I might lose it