About Us

When it all started...

blackbELONg was started on Elon University's campus in the Fall of '19. It all started as a vision to be seen and a dream to be heard as an African American individual at a predominantly white institution. blackbELONg was created at a time where having all perspectives in news could never be more necessary. Because this website started as a dream it is a safe place and a home for everyone. 

Creative Team 

Our creative team consists of journalists and videographers each with unique ideas. Overall this is a team effort and we all work together to achieve the same goal – to be proud of this creation and wanting keep it going long after we all graduate.

Why we do this... 

Everyone deserves to be heard! The Black students of Elon University have so much to offer and so much talent to express, we are here to acknowledge and celebrate those talents and contributions made by this community! 

blackbELONg Team


Anaya Jones; ajones104@elon.edu

Lindsay Gray; lgray11@elon.edu

Writers and Members

Alicia Clanton; aclanton@elon.edu

Jinger Callwood; jcallwood@elon.edu 

Keiarra Bray; kbray5@elon.edu

Brianna Nobles; bnobles2@elon.edu


Anthony Hatcher; ahatcher@elon.edu